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Things are weird.

It's amazing what pops into your head seconds before you fall asleep. I was sitting in my theatre teachers office with a friend and we're both half asleep and I start thinking about when I was a child. It's so weird how the public school system has changed so much in the past ten years. When I was a kid I got sent to the principal's office for hitting a kid with a toy. I was talked to and then sent back to class. My parents were not called and nothing else happened. Now if a kid gets into trouble at school they get suspened and the parents get called and it turns into a real big production. Now how does that solve anything?? The truth is that it doesn't. Nothing was solved by talking about it either. Frankly, kids will be kids and nothing is going to change that. The best you can hope to do is just to teach them that there are better ways to deal with things than violence. Also, you can teach them that violence begets violence.

Okay, enough of my rambling.
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